Vessel Monitoring Systems

Siren Marine App Description 

The Siren Marine App is an easy-to-use platform that provides real-time information about your boat, so you know it’s safe and secure – or when it's not. Connected Boat® technology puts your boat in the palm of your hand with the ability to remotely view and monitor critical systems such as battery, bilge, water levels and more on a single, intuitive dashboard. To get started, install a Siren Marine Main Device on your boat and download our free App. With the Siren Marine App, your boat is literally at your fingertips. Welcome to the Connected Boat®.


Alexa Smart Home Speaker Compatibility

Want to know the status of your boat? Once your Connected Boat® system is set up, simply ask Alexa and she can report back on your boat's battery, bilge, temperature, engine and security. Together with our easy-to-use Mobile App, our smart boat device connects you to your boat anywhere, anytime. With Siren Marine, your boat is literally at your fingertips – and Alexa's.


Works with CZone® Program

Siren Marine is proud to be part of the Works with CZone® program – unlocking the full potential of remote digital switching with the touch of a button. Control lights, A/C and other systems and access digital switching right from our App. With Siren Marine, your boat is literally at your fingertips.